Advanced Rain & Stain Shield Technology

ArmourTex is an advanced rain and stain shield technology. In even the most extreme circumstances it offers excellent protection and ensures optimum effectiveness against the heaviest rains and most damaging spillages. AmourTex can be applied to a manner of textiles. The effectiveness of ArmourTex will last the lifetime of the article.

Why ArmourTex?

ArmourTex is both versatile and effective. Its unique waterproofing and stain preventing technology give extremely high levels of protection. You can apply ArmourTex to your existing garments and fabrics rather than use specialist fabric this makes it an extremely cost-effective way for you and your customers to get cutting edge technology for a cost cutting price.


ArmourTex uses a simple pad application process. ArmourTex creates an impenetrable barrier that resists both water and oil based stains meaning articles stay cleaner for longer. The ArmourTex stain shield forms a barrier around individual fibres to lower the critical surface tension, so that the fabric does not attract stains, causing the water to bead and roll off.  ArmourTex allows spillages to be easily removed or blotted up.


AmourTex can be applied to a manner of textiles. Synthetic based fabrics and equipment are the ideal materials for application of ArmourTex. Those that need to endure and perform in extreme weather conditions will benefit from ArmourTex; outdoor wear, active wear, outdoor equipment such as tents, rucksacks, garden furniture, awnings etc.


Leading outdoor, sports and textile manufacturers use ArmourTex, offering effective advanced rain and stain shield technology in the most cost-effective way available, to them and their customers.  Manufacturers who use ArmourTex protect their products and their customers by giving added value to them.

Key Benefits

  • Keeps you dry, even in torrential downpours

  • Excellent levels of water and oil repellency

  • Spillages can be easily blotted up

  • ArmourTex will remain effective for the lifetime of the garment

  • Ideal for sports and activewear, outdoor gear, awnings, home, commercial and medical textiles