The Essential Softening System

BaseTex is an essential softening system for all fabric types. It gives fabrics all the essential characteristics they require combined with excellent wash durability and a soft touch.

Why BaseTex?

A soft luxurious touch is essential to the consumer and an easy to use compatible foundation is essential for the manufacturer. BaseTex achieves both of these essential attributes, especially for seamless use with other HHL treatments. It offers superb moisture transportation and management, excellent wash durability and is very low yellowing.


BaseTex is applied using a pad or exhaust method.


All fibre types can have BaseTex applied to them. Due to the softness it provides, it is ideal for clothing, bedding, home and commercial textiles. There is no limit to the number of uses for BaseTex.


Leading clothing, home and textile manufacturers use BaseTex to give the perfect foundation to all their garments and a superior finish to their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Gives your garments and fabrics a soft luxurious touch

  • Provides the perfect foundation on which to apply other added value fabric technologies

  • Ideal for a broad ranging application