All About Resistance. Perfluorocarbon.

Perfluorocarbon Family

The perfluorocarbon family of chemicals transformed our lives and that of the textile industry when we were children.  Do you remember the introduction of Teflon on non-stick pots and pans? Do you remember your parents paying to have scotch guard on their sofas? What about the creation of Goretex on coats and boots?

The application of perfluorocarbon to fabrics provide water and stain resistance and since our childhood days the uses of PFC’s have become safer and more prevalent.

ArmourTex uses safe and non toxic chemistries and has C6 fluorocarbon PFOA (perfluorcarbon acid) levels below 5ppb. It is PFOS free.  There is a wide range of products that can have ArmourTex applied to them and this illustrates how far things have progressed over the years when it was once considered a rarity to have scotch guard on your sofa or Telfon on your pans.

The outdoor equipment industry finds it invaluable on sleeping bags, tents and rucksacks.  Surgical gowns and technical gear are some of the products that use ArmourTex indoors.

So next time you are shopping and purchase a raincoat, skiwear, umbrella, even a pair of boots or shoes you know they have had a treatment like ArmourTex applied to make them water repellent or stain resistant or both.  The treatment protects and repels both water and oil, and provides release of both water and oil.
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