Anti-Allergy for textiles

Health Protection is a highly successful dual-action solution. Its unique composition removes and prevents dust mites and their bacterial food sources infesting soft furnishings – one of the biggest triggers of allergies in the world! In addition, Health Protection offers superb resistance against a range of micro-organisms that can cause odours, staining, fabric deterioration and discolouring. It is the ultimate in hygiene and health protection

Why Health Protection?

Health Protection is synonymous with safety and effectiveness and has a proven track record of making a significant contribution and improvement to the quality of life of allergy sufferers. Millions of people worldwide endure asthma, eczema, dermatitis and rhinitis as a result of dust mites being a trigger. Health Protection can help relieve or even remove these symptoms. Many independent bodies recognise Health Protection. It has undergone full independent testing and review and is safe to the user and the environment.


Health Protection is applied either as a topical finish or as an inherent master batch solution.  Health Protection is safe to handle and compatible with all known manufacturing and finishing techniques. It will have no effect on the feel and touch of the fabric or have a negative impact on moisture transport.


Health Protection is suitable for most home textile articles including bed linen, mattress tickings, mattress foams, floor and wall coverings. It is the perfect anti-allergenic system for pillows, duvets, curtains and carpets where dust mites and bacteria love to thrive.


Some of the most respected and well-known brands in the homes and textile industries as well as the outdoor and commercial fabric markets use Health Protection.

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Key Benefits

  • Protects fabrics against dust mites, odours, discolouration, staining

  • Immeasurable benefits to allergy and asthma sufferers and a safe, healthy environment for all others

  • Long lasting and durable

  • Provides the perfect foundation on which to apply other added value fabric technologies

  • Ideal for application on home textiles, particularly mattresses, duvets and pillows as well as outdoor equipment and active wear