Natural Silver Antiviral System

As the world looks for solutions to help tackle the Covid-19 pandemic, it is worth noting that fabrics (such as face masks and workwear) treated with HHL’s PureTex Antiviral and Antimicrobial solution have been proven to provide 99% protection against Sars-Cov-2, the virus which causes Covid 19.

Why PureTex?

HHL’s PureTex silver technology is an Antiviral and Antibacterial Protection finishing treatment for textiles.

Impregnated into textiles during the manufacture process, textiles treated with HHL’s PureTex Antiviral and Antibacterial System can play a key part in addressing the transmission of microbes by helping to reduce the contamination and reproduction of germs and bacteria on textile surfaces.

Recent research has been published to show that the Corona Virus can live for up to 3 days on fabrics and clothes. During this 3-day window where the virus survives on fabrics around us and in our homes, the infectious virus can also be transferred from these fabrics onto other surfaces, further increasing the spread of the virus.


HHL PureTex can be applied to a range of textiles, woven and non woven, using the pad or exhaust application methods.


Suitable for all fibre types as an antiviral and antibacterial agent, HHL PureTex can be used against a range of end products that need to be healthy and hygienic. It is ideal for textile end-products used in the home, outdoor, medical, cleaning and hygiene industries; such as Face Masks, Air Filters, Medical non-wovens (e.g. surgical gowns, scrubs, drapes etc.), Work Wear, Uniforms in clinical and care facilities, bed sheets and liners, curtains, carpets and room furnishings.


HHL PureTex is a highly effective antiviral and antimicrobial solution for use by textile manufacturers of end-products used in the medical, home, cleaning and hygiene industries, providing added value and benefit to their products.

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