Press Coverage

What the press is saying about our products. HHL Technology South Africa have had detailed and positive media exposure for our products.
Click on the links below to read some of our latest South Africa press coverage, featuring HHL products.
Here are just a few examples:

Vital Protection

From: SA Gardener & Die Tuinier

Date: July 2015

Vital Safari Protection

From: WEG & Go

Date: June 2015

ital Protection - Help to fight Africas biggest threat

From: Stywe Lyne

Date: May 2015

Vital Safari Protection from HHL & Rohan

From: Wanderlust

Date: May 2011

Vital Protection - Buzz Off - Insect Repellent

From: Caravan & Outdoor Life

Date: April 2015

International Dyer Specifies PureTex Advantages

From: International Dyer

Date: March 2011

Future Materials Magazine Reports on PureTex Advantages

From: Future Materials

Date: March 2011

PureTex Launch Reported on World Textile Information Network

From: World Textile Information Network (WTIN)

Date: February 2011

Getaway Magazine Tests Vital Protection

From: Getaway Magazine

Date: February 2011

Dr Pete Vincent Recommends Vital Protection Anti-Mosquito Spray

From: Caravan & Outdoor Life Magazine

Date: January 2011

British Airways Magazine Says Vital Protection Anti-Mosquito Spray is a 'Must Buy'

From: British Airways Horizon Magazine

Date: December 2010

Caravan & Outdoor Camping name Vital Protection Anti-Mosquito Spray as a 'Must Have'

From: Caravan & Outdoor Camping

Date: October 2010

Caravan & Outdoor describes Vital Protection AM2 as 'Cool Find'

From: Caravan & Outdoor

Date: October 2010