A recent report from Dr. P. Vincent based at Tokai Medicross and Medical Advisor to Netcare Travel Clinics said:

“A new fabric spray, Vital Protection, a water based permethrin based product has been released onto the market. Having personally used it on a recent trip to Botswana it will always accompany me on any future trips. Campers can spray their mosquito screen zip doors, curtains and mosquito nets and bedding. It is ideal for spraying under toilet seats to displace those creepy crawlies the ladies love! While at a camp site in Khutso we arrived to find a permanent squadron of miggies on guard over the Pit loo. Within 20 minutes of spraying the wood work it was fit to be used and we never saw another miggie for the 2 days we where there. It lasts for 3months or 30 washes. A wonderful product, to be taken with any camper venturing not only into a malaria area but any camping trip to keep your immediate environment miggie free. Permethrin is related to the naturally occurring pyrethrum from the flowers of Chrysanthemum. Permethrin is safe once the fabric is treated and dried and has no vapour and nets can be used safely around sleeping children and pregnant women.”

Dr. P. Vincent

“Last summer my seating area outside by the pool has a small pond that attracts mosquitoes, especially in the evenings. My brother gave me an aerosol of your product and sceptically I sprayed the chairs around the table. I was very surprised at the outcome. For at least a month I got not one mossie attempting to bite me or my guests. An absolutely brilliant product that is also non toxic. I really do highly recommend it.”

Brendan Gilpin

“Insect-repellent clothing has been around for a few years now, but this is the first time I’ve encountered a spray designed specifically for use on textiles. The theory makes sense: Instead of coating yourself in stinky chemicals, treat your clothing instead.

And in practice? It’s effective. I tested it out on holiday recently and it seemed as if the whole area around me became a no-go zone for flying insects. One application of Vital Protection is said to last for three months or 30 washes, so it’s more user-friendly than regular insect repellent, which needs to be re-applied regularly.”

Mark Johnston
Go Magazine

“Having read the info, I wanted to see if this product is all it’s made out to be! Arriving at Ponta de Ouro, the first thing I did after unpacking was to treat my Casita with a couple of sprays of Vital Protection. You apply the product to clothes, mattresses, carpets, curtains, towels, socks, shoes, pillows, mosquito nets, tents etc. I locked my casita only to return about 2 hours later. On return to my casita’s I opened it and switched on the light to discover both the beds and floor full of dead insects. It was scary to think that all the bugs were hiding in the room. That night I slept like a log and got up the next morning without a bite or an itch!”

Quinton Heymans
Divestyle Magazine

“Ever since you’ve introduced us to your product, Vital Protection has been a way of life with my family. We have always dragged along mozzie coils and mosquito nets but lately we pack a can of Vital Protection and our problems with mozzies disappear! Thank you for introducing us to your fantastic product!”

Tersia Goosen

“I recently went on a 14 day safari in South Luanga and the Lower Zambezi National Park where the main purpose was the traditional Zambian walking safari. Due to the fact that it is a high risk malaria area and me not wanting to take Malaria tablets somebody informed me about your product, Vital Protection with which you can treat your clothing and bedding etc. The additional advantage is that it’s not only effective against mosquitoes but various other biting insects that cause tropical disease.

I applied to the product to my clothing, socks, hiking boots and tent. I was the only one in our group not to get ticks on me or get bitten by mosquitoes. There were also no other insects bugging me during our trip. I will definitely recommend the product to anybody.”

Heleen Hayman

“I’m extremely satisfied with your product. Since I’ve used the Vital Protection treated linen all signs of eczema on my body has disappeared and best of all is that I actually bought the product for repelling mosquitoes as we live opposite the dam. The mosquitoes are still there but do not come near us in the rooms where we have treated our curtains and linen with Vital Protection.”

Isabel Roos